Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ho To Enable Background Color , CSS Sprite Image in Print Out - IE and Firefox

Recently, i just came across an issue with my IE and Firefox browser.
Which ever page i tried to print from these browsers, the CSS (colors, Images, styles, etc) are not coming in the print out.
So i was wondering what could be the issue. 
I know we have to specify media="all" for style sheet, but even after specifying it in the link tag, it is not printing it properly.

Later i realized (after an hour) that there is a settings in both the browsers to enable the background Color and Image in printing.
This is very Simple, i am totally not aware of this. So i just want to share with you so that it will be useful for some of you(I wish i can save your time)

For Firefox 3.6 : 
    File -- Page Setup -- Format & Options - Print Background(colors & Images)

For IE 6:
  Tools -- Internet Options -- Advanced --"Settings List" -- "Printing" section -- Print Background Colors and Images