Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Online meeting using Skype

  Now you can use your skype for online meetings by adding a plugin which is absolutely free.
  Skype having 2 diff plugin for this kind of feature.
  1. Mikogo Plugin
  2. Yugma Team Collaboration

  I tried Mikogo , it works great in all windows (NT, 2000, XP, Vista).
  but for me Yugma Team Collaboration getting crashed.

Mikogo is a free desktop sharing tool that can be employed for a range of professional, academic, or personal uses, including:
- online meetings
- product demonstrations
- online presentations
- remote support
- online consultations
- webinars
- and many more uses!

  check this
           Mikogo -
           Yugma -

  I think this will be very useful for our internal meetings.

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Andrew_Mikogo said...

Hi Arivoli,

Great to hear that you're enjoying the Mikogo Skype Extra. You might be interested to know about our web page which contains info and videos on using the Extra. Here at Mikogo Skype Extra web page. Feel free to use the screenshots, videos, etc for your blog.
Enjoy your internal meetings with Mikogo.

The Mikogo Team